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Yung Spray brings straight fire in his new behind bars

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Published On 27 May 2018
Published by: sidratulmuntaha Categorie :VIDEO rap/Grime UK

Description :

Having had numerous Behind Bars episodes over the years, Young Spray has returned to bring us his latest rendition, showing how far his artistry has come since the last.


Spitting over a darker, more sinister beat than we are usually used to hearing from Young Spray, he uses the time to warn those that are against him, explaining that even though years have passed by, he still wont hesitate to deal with the haters just like he would in the earlier years of his career. Young Spray has been active in 2018, releasing a number of music videos including his most recent entitled ‘Rita Ora’, showing us how versatile he can be with his music.


Check out Young Spray in his most recent Behind Bars episode before being sure to watch him pay homage to a fellow industry star in his latest music video for the track ‘Rita Ora’ right here on GRM Daily.