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Wiz Khalifa & FRE$H throw a party in a "Paul Masson" video

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Published On 05 June 2018
Published by: sidratulmuntaha Categorie :VIDEO Rap US

Description :

FRE$H delivers new visuals for his track with Wiz Khalifa.
What's the first thing you'd do if you found out that you managed to get a Wiz Khalifa feature on one of your singles? If you're FRE$H, you'd convince your friend to let you use the weed dispensary he works at as a party spot to celebrate, which is exactly what happens in this video. 

The party FRE$H throws seems like a fun, and relatively safe-for-work event, with oversized Connect Four and Jenga games. Nevertheless, his friend has to act as a hater, shutting down FRE$H's fun at every turn. Wiz Khalifa does his due diligence by appearing in the video to rap his verse, while the white girls at the party move their hands awkwardly to the music. 

Check out the video for FRE$H's "Paul Masson" above.