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Slowthai releases a color show celebrating the ‘Ladies’

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Published On 07 June 2018
Published by: sidratulmuntaha Categorie :VIDEO rap/Grime UK

Description :

A rapper best known for representing Northampton would be Slow Thai. With recent years of Grime slowly but surely emerging from outside of London, other cities within the UK have brought successful artists on the scene from the likes of Izzie Gibbs, Eyez and Rawza.

The rising grime artist expresses the love for women, in his recent track ‘Ladies’.

With the hook’s lyrics verbalising: “This one’s for the ladies, ‘cus they have our babies and they drive us crazy but they made us men.” the rapper fuses a traditional British accent of flows alongside a mix of upbeat club sounds and grime produced by Kwes Darko.

Among a neutral aesthetic background, the emcee drifts his charm through lyricism effortlessly. With this not being the first of releases, ‘T n Biscuits’ and ‘North nights’ are one of a few dropped this year accompanying ‘Ladies’. With the song titles being accustom to the traditions of up North, it is clear to see he is on his way to give recognition to Northampton, one location not so famous for musical variation.

67 miles away from the birth place of Grime, there is no stopping music within the Midlands and their attempt to put cities on the map. Especially SlowThai and his different approach to music and style.

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