Home Videos Seum reveals the clip of its title '' Amigos ''!

Seum reveals the clip of its title '' Amigos ''!

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Published On 30 June 2018
Published by: HinaKhan Categorie :VIDEO Afro-fusion fr

Description :

Discover the new Seum video: Amigos

For a little over a year, Seum has accumulated millions of views on the different songs he has released, the highlight is his song "  Little Sister  ", which accumulates 17 million views to date. 

With his various successes on YouTube, the Marseillais artist decided to release his summer single with "  Amigos  ", as the months of July and August approach. Thus, on this piece, the strong point remains its catchy chorus and to strengthen the hit potential of the title.

In view of its DNA, the song could succeed to find a place among all the summer pieces seeing the day. However, note the good artistic form and progress made by Seum on "  Amigos  ".

For the moment, no project release has been announced for Seum , which seems to want to accentuate the excitement around his person before taking this very important step in the career of an artist. In the meantime, Seum is offering his summer song, which has the potential to meet some success.