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World Cup 2018: looking ahead to the last 16 plus England reaction – live!

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Some England bits now.

First off the FA have confirmed that Fabian Delph has left the camp to attend the birth of his third child. I’m assuming that means he’ll be back before Tuesday.

Secondly, Martin Gamage emails about the keeping situation:

“I don’t have a particular issue with England fielding a changed team last night. As Adrian (9:50) says, Southgate is damned either way. Where I do have an issue is with not changing the goalkeeper either (although I note that Martinez didn’t either). But then Courtois’ position in the team is more sure than Jordan Pickford’s. I really don’t think Pickford was impressive last night. He had two or three fumbles and arguably should have saved Januzaj’s shot. Surely it would have made sense to give Butland and Pope a half each. I know Southgate likes Pickford because of his distribution and getting involved in playing out from the back but I would rather have a keeper who saves the shots and doesn’t parry the ball straight back into his box. Anything else I’d regard as a bonus.”

An argument for Pickford’s removal? Certainly some strong words. For my money the Everton keeper has been named the number one and that’s why he played, Get him more minutes, more time getting used to the system. As for his performance, there has been some criticism of Pickford for the way he attempted to save Adnan Januzaj’s strike that led to the only goal of the game. It has been suggested he was both in the wrong starting position and attempted the save with the wrong hand (his left while the ball was going right).

Keeper turned pundit David Preece had some thoughts on this on Twitter last night

This is an opinion I have a lot of time for. While it’s an English habit to become obsessed about players who were hitherto an afterthought is an English habit (think Owen Hargreaves in 2006), Kieran Trippier’s positioning and delivery were mint in the opening two games. Trent Alexander-Arnold has received positive coverage on his competitive debut last night and quite rightly. But there was a discernible difference in the quality of the set plays last night, in my opinion, and Trippier will surely return against Colombia.

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