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UFC: Francis Ngannou, the predator in doubt

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Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou 

UFC: Francis Ngannou, the predator in doubt

Until January 2018, Francis Ngannou appeared as the most terrifying man on the planet. Two defeats later, the crisis is there and the Predator must silence his detractors.

At UFC 220, January 20, 2018 in Boston, Francis Ngannou got his title shot against Stipe Miocic . At the time, the bookmakers and the UFC made the Franco Cameroonian the favorite of the fight Before his duel against the heavyweight champion, Ngannou overcame an impressive series at the UFC: 6 fights, 6 wins, 6 finishes in the first two rounds . Nothing and no one resisted this combination of power and timing At UFC 218, just over a month before UFC 220, Ngannou became a superstar . He faced the number 1 in the category:Alistair Overeem On an uppercut to knock out an ox, the Predator put his opponent knockout after 1 minute and 42 seconds A knockout so impressive that he was elected KO of the year Faced with the most dominant heavyweight champion in UFC history, Francis arrived with the wind in his back . 

The brutal fall

Unfortunately for him, between lack of preparation , mismanagement of the fight and opponent ready as ever, disillusionment was great at UFC 220 Very aggressive in the first round, without being able to finish Stipe Miocic, Ngannou sank gradually face fatigue and the fight of his opponent In the end, he lost by a unanimous decision following a dominated head and shoulders fight by the champion Yes, the title fight had can be brought down, but nothing could prepare us for what was to follow .

Following this defeat, in humiliating anything, the UFC held a battle "for fans": Francis vs Ngannou Derrick Lewis . The two being provoked on the networks and being followers of a striking standing fight in power, everything was reunited for a fireworks display Simply better than Lewis, the Franco Cameroonian had a golden opportunity to add a scalp to his collection against a prestigious opponent The fighter 's fans fell from a high pitch as he did absolutely nothing during the three rounds played at UFC 226 . Mentally blocked,Ngannou lost a unanimous decision to a Derrick Lewis injured back A fight that the Predator should have won, but in which fear has dominated The defeat against Stipe Miocic still resounded ...

In the cage, for this fight, I was just thinking about my body, frightened by what had happened last time It could happen again, and if it happened, it would not be good So I tried to control it . 

Francis Ngannou about his loss to Derrick Lewis at UFC 226

Following this second defeat in a row, the ex future UFC superstar was light by the UFC boss Dana White . He, like Fernand Lopez, the long-time coach of the fighter, saw changes in Francis Arrived in France, SDF and starting the MMA in 2013, Ngannou knew a very fast ascent That he might be played tricks Still it that those who know the last few years have seen an ego problem at home Fernand Lopez said: " For Francis to be a better man, some people have to have a bad role The bad role is to say to Ngannou: 'You have a big ego and you have changed over time' It's the truth I had the conversation with Ngannou and I told him: 'You changed my friend, you changed __ You are not the same anymore Your ego is killing you and it's just your ego " 

For his part, the intransigent Dana White also evoked an ego problem in the wake of the defeat of UFC 226: "Francis Ngannou at the time of his arrival, I thought that this guy was going to be the champion of heavyweight He lost his head This guy has completely lost his head and began to act in a way that you do not act I totally saw it coming ... Ngannou many things to settle personally and professionally . We'll see if it comes back on track "

Ngannou's striking power record

The revenge against Curtis Blaydes to return to the top


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