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Ronaldinho hunted by justice: the prodigy would be ruined

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Publiée le 11 November 2018 327 vues
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Apart from a few brats of the last milk, everyone remembers Ronaldinho's footballing prowess a few years ago. Often compared to the greatest in the history of the sport and elevated to the rank of best of his generation by many connoisseurs it seems that he knows nonetheless disturbed days these days.


Indeed, recently the confiscation of his passport was ordered by the court to which he had already to pay a debt of 2 million euros for having illegally built a sumptuous villa within a protected area ...


The investigators in charge of deciphering his accounts will fall on the sum of ... 24 reals, about 6 euros which remained in bank in his name. Although we strongly doubt that such a brewer is not kept grain for bad days somewhere, we remain at least astonished by such a paltry sum for such a famous player ...

"Everything is ephemeral even Ronaldo can finish at the Macdo"


We are eagerly awaiting news of this trial and its situation which seems at least blurry ... Case to follow therefore.