Accueil Articles Kanye West has just formalized his candidacy for the White House?
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Kanye West has just formalized his candidacy for the White House?

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Publiée le 09 September 2018 382 vues
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A tweet that ignites social networks. Saturday, September 8 in the evening, Kanye West put a coin in the rumor machine, about its possible political ambitions. "2024," tweeted the rapper, referring to the elections that will be held that year in the United States, after a possible second term of Donald Trump or that of his killer.

This cryptic message-like tweet is shared at high speed on the social network, counting nearly 10,000 retweets in just two hours.

The music of a possible candidacy of the rapper is becoming stronger in recent days. In a radio broadcast on August 30, Kanye West did not discount this assumption at all. "I will be able to 100% go," he said, before adding, "if I decide to do it, I will get there, I will not just try."

Side priority, who refuses to be defined as Democratic or Republican ensures want to put the package on health. "I will make sure the medical sector is prosperous," he said. As a reminder, Kanye West had appeared alongside Donald Trump, whom he welcomed the results of his policy. "Trump does not shit, he's creating jobs, taxes are paying off," he said, but he did not subscribe to all the choices of the 45th US president.