Accueil Articles Has Kalash Criminal been in clash with Kaaris? He answers very frankly!
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Has Kalash Criminal been in clash with Kaaris? He answers very frankly!

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Has Kalash Criminal been in clash with Kaaris? He answers very frankly!

It's been a week since Kalash Criminal sent his first album The Lion's Den . This project took a long time due, in part, to his hasty departure from Def Jam , which is also Kaaris' label  This has fueled rumors of clash between the two Sevranais, after an already ambiguous punchline in  King of the Wild  :  "Rapper crap, go fate with Lorie, Nolwenn if you want to touch a little Sacem"

Kaaris had appeared a few days earlier on Insta signing the papers of the Sacem. But for Kalash , the buzz was pinned on the canvas:  "Everything is wrong. I wrote this sound over a year ago, "he  tells us in an interview.



"I'm not someone who rocks my spikes. If there is a problem, I go directly to you and we will explain. And if it has to go further, it'll go further " adds Kalash Criminal . At the turn of the interview, the rapper spoke on K2A's help :  "'Stop of the Heart' it was an exchange of good processes, in the sense that I went up to all potatoes and Kaaris was not at best of it's shape. So we made this feat that "helped" the two rappers. You must not hide your face, he himself says it. 

If Kalash Criminel concedes a distance with the Dozo , it would be just artistic: "Kaaris and I, if we see each other tomorrow we will shake hands, as usual. It's just that "business" speaking each one does his thing on his side. But there is no clash, no war . He even admires his admiration for his eldest:  "It's someone I respect a lot. Force to him. I saw that he was on his project 'Black Gold 3' and I hope it will work . 

A collaboration in the future between the two rappers? Kalash plays the card with his outstretched hand:  "No problem, I will not have any problem" .