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Diddy bought a painting worth more than $ 21 million

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He tried to keep the secret but the news leaked ...
On Wednesday, May 16, at an auction at Sotheby's, Past Times , the monumental painting by Chicago artist Kerry James Marshall was sold for $ 21.1 million . The work portrays past life moments of black Americans.

During the transaction, the specialists pointed out that this was the highest sum spent on a work by a living black-american artist . The buyer was not present at the sale. The mystery began to hover over his identity and the rumors to turn ...

24 hours later, Jack Shainmann, the gallerist and agent of the painter in New York, revealed that the buyer was none other than Sean Combs , aka Daddy Puff aka Diddy ! 

Shainmann told the New York Times : "I know this work has made its home in a collection that makes sense and will enhance its heritage."

He also revealed that it was the producer Swizz Beatz , himself a painter and art collector, who introduced the work of James Kerry Marshall to Diddy who later found the works of Marshall at Sotheby's.

The painting was worth $ 25,000 in 1997 but When Diddy craves for art, he does not pretend!

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