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Booba clash again Master Gims, Dadju intervenes! (Video)

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Publiée le 12 November 2018 486 vues
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Booba clash again Master Gims, Dadju intervenes! (Video)

It has been several months since  Booba and  Master Gims  are in open warfare. Since the leader of  the Assault Sexion hinted that the Duke was  buying streams, the two men are openly attacking social networks.

During the  NRJ Music Awards,  Alexandre Gigow  trotted  Master Gims  up the steps. He took over the DKR title   of  Booba  and calling Meugui "the marabout". The video was reposted by  B2O  on his  Instagram account .




It is the brother of blood of  Master Gims, Dadju  who will react in  Insta Story  :  "The sheep who absolutely want to prove their loyalty to the shepherd will not pass the Eid".




A message that indirectly targets  Alexandre Gigow  and  Booba . This last one did not do in the half measure since it answered in story: " It is of family not to say to whom one addresses it one would say" .  Master Gims  did not give a name when he was talking about buying streams, that's probably what  Booba  meant.