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In Australia, a stadium will be built over a train station

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A stadium will be built over a train station. Yes, you read correctly.

The idea seems completely crazy but could well become a reality. Australian architectural firm Bates Smart has proposed to the New South Wales Government to build a 45,000 seat stadium above Sydney Central Station. The project would involve demolishing and rebuilding the city's existing football stadium, Allianz Stadium, in Moore Park, a place with very poor public transport connections. Placing the stadium above the station would therefore make it easier for fans to access it.

"Today, a rebirth is underway. Stadiums are once again integrated into the urban fabric and play an important catalytic role," says Philip Vivian, the Australian firm's director.

The New South Wales Government has reportedly already launched a design competition for this new stadium. Work is expected to start at the end of 2018.